Best Practices For Your PPC in 2019

Best Practices For Your PPC in 2019

October 30, 2018 Off By Eli Pappas

It’s time to optimize your PPC advertising. You should constantly keep improving your PPC campaign to drive more traffic and get more customers. We want to break records and smash KPIs. We always want to drive the performances over the finish line.

What PPC marketer wouldn’t like a tip or two?

With so many updates, tools, and platforms, it is a task to keep in tabs with the newest PPC tips.  However, there is a criteria we use to test and qualify the best PPC tips.

Here are best practices for your PPC in 2019.

Change Your Landing Page for Each Audience

You can put across a more personalized message by customizing the landing page depending on different search terms. You can achieve this without duplicating the landing page. As such, you can start by adjusting the landing page as per the search query. Having different images for a different audience can also serve a more specific message. Let’s say you deal in furniture. If a customer searched the keyword “home”, your landing page should display a home with the furniture you deal in. If the query was “office”, the landing page can lead them to an image of an office with the furniture.

By using this, you create a more tailored landing page that is in real-time with the target audience. This will remarkably enhance your conversion rates and save on the landing page development costs.

Retargeting by Long Tail Keywords

Have you ever tried shopping online and then realized the item is following you into other sites? That is what retargeting is. Most that visit your landing page through a certain keyword rarely do convert. However, the fact that they are on your page gifts you valuable information. You can make sure that the next content piece they see on your PPC is in line with their search word or the landing page. Retargeting can help you close sales that you would have missed.

 Reverse Engineer Your Conversion Funnel

As PPC marketers, we are fully focused on increasing the conversion rate. However, we understand that clicks don’t necessarily mean conversion rates. To boost the CVR, we can look the user’s journey in the PPC funnel and predict conversions at the lower funnel.  Increasing engagement with the user on the landing page before they go to the next funnel is what leads to higher conversions.

Use negative words

This is one of the most overlooked PPC marketing tip but very effective. Negative words are the keywords you put in your ad that your ad isn’t targeting. This lets Google know that your campaign shouldn’t show in searches with those keywords. It is a very useful tip to make sure you don’t blow money by having your ad on irrelevant searches.

PPC marketing is dynamic and needs such cutting-edge tips for a better campaign. Fellow PPC marketers, we now have the best tips that will drive our conversion rates higher. And, if you’re seeking help in creating a dynamic PPC strategy or executing a campaign, contact the PPC experts at Neon Ambition for a consultation on maximizing your marketing efforts.