Effective Usage of Different Kinds of Packaging Boxes

Effective Usage of Different Kinds of Packaging Boxes

February 28, 2019 Off By danny watson

People have been using folding carton packaging since long and now it has become very popular and billion-dollar industry. Every kind of product right from electronics to cosmetics, toys to food products, you can name any product, where you will find the use of these packaging boxes.

All these packaging boxes supplied by Netpak are also called as cartons which are versatile, cost effective and environment friendly too. Following are different kinds of packaging available and their usage:

Corrugated boxes

These corrugated boxes are usually quite light but yet they are sturdy. They can be made by folding few corrugated paperboards. This offers corrugated boxes a very high bending rigidity as well as resistance to crushing.

These corrugated boxes can be used for shipping of many different products in various industries, where people can move heavy items. Any lighter or low-cost corrugated boxes can be used for retail packaging or for packaging any food item like pizza boxes.

Corrugated boxes can also be easily recycled. These boxes can often be laminated with many other paper forms that can enable rich, full-color graphical printing.

Paperboard cartons

Paperboard cartons are made out of different thick paper-based materials where it can be printed easily with rich colors and also can be folded easily. Therefore, such paperboard cartons are ideal for appealing retail boxes.

One can find their usage in toy, cosmetics, cigarette, pharma products, liquor and electronics packaging.

These kinds of packaging can also be recycled easily.

Aseptic cartons

You can find the use of aseptic cartons for storing liquid food. These are usually multi-layered containers and generally used for storing soups, juices, baby foods and also desserts.

Aseptic packaging can increase the shelf-life of products and also can preserve their nutritional value, texture and color. They can also withstand quite high temperatures and will not corrode due to any acidic products.

Due to use of polyethylene, aluminum barrier and more layers of plastic layers it is difficult to recycle them.

Gable tops

Gable top cartons can be used for storing refrigerated food products as they are multi-layered cartons. These cartons are reusable and also can be kept in refrigerator.

Egg cartons

Egg cartons can be used for transporting eggs securely and safely. Recycled papers are normally used for making these cartons.

Certain egg cartons can also be made from any polystyrene foam or clear plastic.

You need to select the right kind of packaging box based on your application.