How to hire the best customs broker? Find here!

How to hire the best customs broker? Find here!

November 1, 2018 Off By Eli Pappas

Regardless of whether you are into importing goods for business or want to just get a personal order home, you might require the help of a customs broker. Importing goods across the border may seem like a lucrative way to do business, but there are rules and regulations in place, which cannot be ignored. If your package is struck at the customs, you will have to pay the required dues, fees, and penalties (if any), and there can be considerable paperwork involved. A customs broker is supposed to help you with all that. Here’s what you must know about hiring one for your requirements.

What’s the role of a customs broker?

A customs broker can be considered as an expert on logistics. In the United States, custom brokers must be licensed and authorized by the U.S. Customs Border Protection (CBP). A customs broker can be an association, company, partnership or an individual. Known names like Clearit USA customs brokerage deal with diverse things are related to customs. They help clients with online and offline paperwork involved, check the rules related to the specific country, and evaluate the taxes and duties that must be paid. Please note that the costs involved can be country specific. Basically, their role is to ensure that the goods are cleared from the borders without delay. Regardless of whether the importing client is a business or a person, they ensure all the regulatory requirements are met.

Hiring a customs broker

Some of the best customs broker have their online portals, so you wouldn’t have a hard time finding details. You can also find details with IFCBA (International Federation of Customs Brokers Associations). Keep in mind that their services come for a price, so it is also advisable to check the estimated expenses in advance. It goes without saying that custom brokers need to be licensed, and what people have to say about their services is also something to check for. A good customs broker is expected to transparent, fair and available for your requirements, and they should be able to deal with all kinds of shipments – ocean, air and truck.

Take a look online and find more on best-rated customs brokers online through reviews and feedback. Most of them have a list of FAQs on their website, which should give a fair idea of what to expect, especially if you are importing goods for the first time.