How to Make Money from Micro-Niche Blogging                

How to Make Money from Micro-Niche Blogging                

February 15, 2019 Off By Eli Pappas

Is starting a niche site a walk in the park? In reality, the answer here is “NO.” Fact is that millions of blogs are created day by day, so doing proper research and choosing a less-saturated niche is a critical component for success. Therefore, you probably understand the need to follow the best practices of blogging.

With some extra patience, there is no stopping you from reaching greater heights. More importantly, you should check out these valuable micro-niche blog tips. Keep them all in mind!

#1. Traffic Sources

Before you study further on how to make money from micro-niche blogging, you need to understand first the importance of traffic sources on lender check out foxy loans. You have to keep in mind that your keywords must be targeted to countries where conversion rate is considered relatively high and match your language, texts (“real estate jobs in London”) and even domain name (for example, if you’re targeting the UK) to the chosen regions or countries. These are; namely, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States – all of them offer high conversion rates, allowing you to make more money (obviously, it depends also in the niche and the products or services you’re promoting).     

So if you are going to build a micro-niche website (or blog) targeted to Bangladesh or India, don’t expect to earn a lot from your ads. Going with keywords targeting the countries as mentioned above is essential.   

#2. Go for High Converting Keywords

Also known as High CPC (cost per click) keywords, this one right here is a crucial step to remember. They refer to keywords that offer a higher conversion rate (which is the main reason they cost more per click if you’re also doing PPC). As such, you need to do your best in finding these keywords with a good search volume, relatively high CPC, and long-tail keyword phrases. Remember, though, that in order to get a good result, the competition must be medium to low. If you decide to rank for a more popular keyword it won’t do you any good. Why? That is because it might be too hard to beat those existing blogs and websites for that keyword alone.   

#3. Always Plan Your Content

Now that you have finally decided the targeted keywords for your micro-niche blog or site, it is time to explore the world of related and long tail keywords. By doing so, you can start writing content for your new posts. Focusing on targeted long-tail keyword phrases, containing at least 3-4 words per phrase, increases your chances to rank higher for it, and as a result, by matching the right product or service, you can convert better.

For instance, your site is about different ways and strategies to advertise products or services online. It is only imperative that you write posts about the same topic, such as the banner ads marketing platform, for example.    

#4. Buy Your Domain Name

That is definitely the next important thing to do – buy a domain name, but not just any domain name. It pays to be extra careful in building the type of site you want, and the same thing can be said for selecting a domain name. Match the domain name to the topic or niche of the website/blog, try to find something catchy which isn’t too long and easy to remember, and see if you can include your main keyword phrase in it. Also, if you’re targeting a specific country, search for a suitable domain ending (not .com, but, for example).

Do not be bothered by the current state of your blog. Instead, focus on doing all the best practices mentioned above and write quality content. As long as you remain faithful to these good practices, you will be able to reach success!