Importing goods to Canada? You need a customs broker!

Importing goods to Canada? You need a customs broker!

November 1, 2018 Off By admin

Like most people, you probably know that importing goods into any country must be done in adherence to the regulations, rules and compliance matters. If you want to deal in imported goods to Canada, you must be compliant to whatever regulations have been set up by the Customs. Many business owners and importers don’t have any clue how things work, and that’s exactly where a customs broker comes in handy. Basically, when you don’t want to deal with the Canada Border Services (CBSA), you allow the customs broker to get things done. In this post, we take a look at why these brokers are so relevant.

Finding a customs broker

There are plenty of known names like Clearit customs broker that can be considered. The idea of hiring a customs broker is to simplify the process of importing, so experience does matter. You may want to check what they specialize in. For example, some of the customs brokers don’t deal in car imports. Also, check the reviews of the concerned company. What other customers have to say about a service reveals a lot about their work. It is also absolutely necessary that you confirm that the customs broker works across all ports in Canada. They should be able to handle truck, ocean, and Air shipments besides parcel shipments.

About getting an importer number

Please note that you don’t have to necessarily have an importer number to get goods to Canada, but for commercial importers, this is highly recommended. Commercial importers must also have GST number, which comes in handy for collecting and remitting taxes, and it can be used for getting an importer number, for which a fee must be paid. Personal imports don’t need one. If you are considering business with imported goods, it is best that you order the goods commercially. This is because personal importers have to pay provincial and federal taxes, which cannot be reclaimed. Commercial importers, on the other hand, only have to pay Federal Tax, which can be reclaimed in some cases.

Customs brokers do much more than just handling imports for their clients. Some of them also handle parcels at a discounted rated, and you can seek help with customs consulting, which is all about understanding trade agreements, policies, norms and more. Check online right away to find a customs broker and do check their website, which offers a better insight on what they can offer for your business.