Peter Loftin – An Entrepreneur Par Excellence

Peter Loftin – An Entrepreneur Par Excellence

November 8, 2018 Off By Eli Pappas

Peter Loftin, right from his young age, had sharp sense of business and keen interest for charity for needy and deprived children of weaker section of society.

He started his business of selling portable telephones after realizing the demand for the same. His efforts and business skills helped him to attain success which motivated him to attempt for something bigger.

Career of Peter Loftin

Peter Loftin entered into the telecommunication business at a very young age of 25 years and in 1983, as a telecom entrepreneur founded Raleigh, North Carolina based Business Telecom Inc. (BTI).  Under his stewardship, Business Telecom Inc. (BTI) attained greater heights of success and successfully led to the expansion of the corporation.

By virtue of his inherent business acumen and leadership qualities he took his telecommunication organization to become one of the leading telecommunications companies of the country. Not only this, Business Telecom Inc. (BTI) also became the largest employer in Raleigh, North Carolina.

As a result, he was awarded the “North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year” by Business North Carolina Magazine. He was widely appreciated for providing free Internet services to all the disabled in rural schools throughout North Carolina. For this magnanimous gesture, Carolina Electronics and Information Technologies Association bestowed the “Corporate Citizen of the Year award” on him.

Being an ardent lover of architect and architectural art, Peter Loftin bought Casa Casuarina, a Miami Beach mansion. Loftin restored the 23,400-square foot home, preserving architectural touches and converted it into a high-end boutique hotel.

Ventures of Peter Loftin

Bardstown Bourbon Company

In 2016, Peter Loftin started the largest new whiskey distillery in the United States. He became the Chairman of Bardstown Bourbon Company which is unique and Kentucky’s first new bourbon company of Collaborative Whiskey. He pioneered constellation brands partnership and served as Chairman of board. He was instrumental in recent Constellation Brands partnership.

Bardstown Bourbon Company has great plans for launching newer brand, to create long term supply of Kentucky whiskey, bourbon and rye and open up campus for public, educational centre, event space, whiskey library and bar for distillery visitors.


Peter Loftin, sensing importance of security of people, establishments and nation, founded GlobeSecNine, known as Torch Hill Investment Partners. Torch Hill Investment Partners Company was floated with an objective of providing growth capital to domestic and international companies engaged in defense and intelligence industry. GlobeSecNine is a private investment firm that concentrates its investment focuses on sectors for security and defense counter-terrorism.

The board of advisors makes investments to generate phenomenal returns across a range of investment choices by focusing on improving the security of the USA, its allies and their citizens and businesses.

CM3 Group

Diversifying his businesses, Peter Loftin, along with Micheal Haley, retired SEAL and Richerd Shaffer, retired, FBI; he created CM3 Group, a counter-terrorism contractor group. CM3 Group was created to impart training to the ports as anti terrorism measures. The group in accordance with local, state and federal laws provides counter terrorism consultation for the safety of ports.


Considering his generous charities Peter Loftin has earned great recognition and respect from people and Government of United States. He is serves on national board American Red Cross, Washington DC; American Lung Association, Duke Heart Centre and North Carolina National Science Centre for kids besides many more.