Ways to spice up your plain walls at home using neon lights as decor

Ways to spice up your plain walls at home using neon lights as decor

November 19, 2018 Off By Eric Mahoney

If you love spicing up your home every now and then with the latest in home décor, then it’s high time you consider incorporating neon lights into your space. Gone are the days when neon signs were considered a fit for clubs and man caves as they are now statement pieces that are found even in the homes of celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian. But just how can you incorporate them in your home, especially when you have plain walls and get them to blend in with your décor? Well if you still can’t seem to find the answer to that, below are three best ways to do so.

Use them on your dark corner
Walls make the best place for you to try your décor on and if you happen to have a dark corner then this is the right place to install your neon lights on. Using a bright neon sign on a dark wall not only creates a dramatic contrast but also gives a unique and artistic feel that will make your home linger in the minds of those who come to visit.

Use charming phrases on your walls
Neon lights don’t have to be hidden on dark corners as they can also look incredibly good on your regular wall. They are great especially if you are yet to incorporate any form of décor on your walls. Adding a charming neon light phrase or quote on a plain wall is more than enough. For instance, you can use Still I rise, one of Maya Angelou’s famous poems as a neon light or a line from one of your favorite songs. This enables you to give your walls a mouth artistically.

Go the extra mile
Besides nice catch phrases, another way to add a handful of glamour to your walls is by going the extra mile and using unique neon shapes. The good thing is that neon signs for sale come in all shapes and sizes enabling you to select from a diverse array. From a lively pink heart to a playful trapezoidal shape, there are so many shapes you can select from to completely transform your wall without having to install any other piece of décor on it.

Final thoughts
Apart from the three ways shown above, there are so many ways that you can use neon signs to transform your plain walls. However, for now, you can try the above and thank us later.